Building Information Models which Enable Predictive Analytics

Jerry Flasz, CIO & SVP, Coty

Jerry Flasz, CIO & SVP, Coty

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014 and expectations

There are two challenges:

1. Enterprise ready collaboration tools that accelerate creativity

2. Intelligent/predictive analytics Many systems offer collaboration capabilities, but where the challenge lies is in enterprise standardized  effective  collaboration across all elements of the company. Different collaboration tools for different areas within the enterprise create inefficiencies that   negatively impact overhead and weigh on speed-to-market. The other challenge is the acceleration of delivering intelligent predictive analytics from the  Big Data that businesses capture both internally and from social media tools that drive creative innovation. There are so many new tools that deliver  mountains of data. The technology  challenge is to find a means to provide actionable intelligence from that level of data, which continues to drive our  creative culture. A solution that will enable very structured/ detailed workflow and business rules elements across the enterprise, integrating core  systems, which in turn drives and supports a creative culture. Again, for us at Coty, it’s all about actionable informatics-building the information models  that enable predictive information for business decision making.

Solutions that would make job easier

We have so many devices that do so many things-I carry a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone-yet I still seek one single device that will enable me to  perform all elements of my job from anywhere. Closely tied to that is global connectivity–universal high speed, reliable connectivity just doesn’t exist  yet. Enhancing the retail experience through technology is another area where there is room for growth and maturity. I’d like to be able to know when a  consumer nears our products in a retail store so we can provide them with product information, promotional details, interactivity that will draw them to  our products. Additionally, gaining information on how consumers interact with our products and how they purchase them globally will help us shape
our future innovations.

"Different collaboration tools for different areas within the enterprise create inefficiencies that negatively impact overhead and weigh on speed-to-market"

Trends impacting enterprise business environment

• Global creative collaboration–it’s changing the way we work and enhancing our capabilities.
• The increased use of robotics in the business environment, outside of the traditional manufacturing environment.
• The permeation of smart devices into every aspect of our daily lives.

Changing role of CIOs

Technology and the role of the CIO has transformed from a commodity into a business accelerator. Communication is key. At Coty, we communicate  now more than ever with every aspect of the enterprise to discuss the possibilities created by technology. Additionally, we as a society are becoming  increasingly technically inclined. My role is to harness the technology skills and self-empowerment of our colleagues into enterprise-wide solutions  that can benefit all of us. I provide the tools that continue to evolve how we work.