OneSpace: Providing Optimized Product Content for the Digital Shelf

Stephanie Leffler, CEO
While browsing through the aisles of a supermarket, a number of products appeal and call out to a buyer. However, a majority of shoppers are now turning to their smartphones for quick and easy purchases, revamping aisles as we know it and paving the way for digital shelves. While the physical shelf has and will always hold its own sweet spot in the industry, the digital shelf presents even bigger opportunities in terms of sales and brand awareness. It’s not surprising to see that the leaders in the CPG industry are now gravitating toward e-commerce as a means for company growth.

Although it sounds simple enough to execute, being engulfed in rising consumer expectations and changing market dynamics can make procuring a prominent position on the digital shelf a complicated and costly affair. Taking on this challenge is a company named OneSpace that assists CPG brands in generating pleasing customer experiences by molding the image of a product on retailer websites based on consumer search insights. “We help CPGs use data to build product information that we optimize through our research and expertise before it reaches the retailer,” says Stephanie Leffler, CEO of the company.

The company’s need to devise expertise in the CPG field came from a common pattern detected in the market. It was a time when retailers struggled during their transition to the online market, as many CPGs were unable to provide sufficient information about their products. As CPGs observed that they were selling more through e-commerce channels, they started generating effective online marketing content, which ultimately turned out to be a win-win situation for brands and retailers. Soon after, industry giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target began to focus heavily on product content. OneSpace understands the importance of maintaining the digital shelf with a level of scrutiny and attention that is required to keep up with the demands of both retailers and customers, as well as the performance of competitors.

As the physical shelf is limited in terms of choices, customers have shifted their focus toward digital shelves with an ideal product in mind.

We help CPGs use data to build product information that we optimize through our research and expertise before it reaches the retailer

This has led to OneSpace amplifying their research skills to get meaningful information about a product that appeals the most to online consumers. OneSpace uses this data to create product content that’s optimized for search and conversion. Tracking the conversion rate of each product helps in continuously altering the product content to upscale sales for a particular website. OneSpace also monitors the regular searches made by online buyers, ensuring that those keywords appear on the product page to make the content easily searchable.

The process of formulating content starts with analyzing consumer search behavior across multiple retailer websites. OneSpace determines the search terms that are most relevant to the client’s portfolio and incorporates that data into a specialized content production workflow. Using the company’s platform, clients conduct a review of the product content OneSpace creates before ultimately sending the content to various online retailers. In one such instance, OneSpace assisted a big-name pet food brand in enhancing the quality of product information present on retailer websites to improve their sales.

OneSpace monitors consumer search behavior across 19 retailers and has also been of service to prominent names in the industry. The company is striving toward automating the product content optimization cycle for CPGs to stay ahead of the game. Their primary goal is using valuable insights to create content that holds the capacity to improve the sales graph while ensuring that the customer’s needs are met. “Our vision is to build a platform that is the centerpiece for all data so as to complete the optimization cycle,” concludes Stephanie.


Swansea, IL

Stephanie Leffler, CEO

Assists CPGs to optimize their product content and increase their sales on retailer websites