Logility: Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility Management

Karin L. Bursa, VP Marketing
Consumer Goods Companies are on a constant innovation spree to bring more visibility into their supply chains. They have to minimize demand variability and manage the scalability of inventory policies in order to optimize their investments and service levels. The main objective is to forecast consumer demand and work in collaboration with suppliers and retail partners to make sure the right products are available at the right times. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Logility has been working with CPG companies for decades to revolutionize their customer service levels through advanced solutions for demand planning, inventory optimization, supply planning, retail merchandise planning and allocation, and transportation management. The company’s supply chain solution suite, Logility Voyager Solutions, provides real-time operational measurement and control, enabling companies to become a performance driven enterprise. “Our best measure of success is the success our customers achieve; the rapid ROI they realize with Logility Voyager Solutions,” says Karin L. Bursa, Vice President, Logility.

Logility’s solutions enable Consumer Goods companies to leverage years of experience and innovation to fulfill their customers’ demands. Its collaborative supply chain solution that helps medium, large and Fortune 500 companies attain bottom line results in record time and brings capabilities to streamline their global supply chain operations. From planning and forecasting to sourcing and production through retail planning and transportation management, the suite provides the flexibility and supply chain visibility that is required to achieve higher revenue, increased service levels and profitable growth. It provides automation to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport, and trace supply chain activities within distribution-intensive networks.

Logility Voyager Solutions includes sales and operation planning (S&OP), immediate inventory optimization, supply chain operation, transportation, distribution, and inventory management.
Karin remarks, “Our suite projects future demand and helps assign time specific inventory policies, helping Consumer Goods companies eliminate the scope for under or over investment.” Logility’s advanced analytics provide dynamic feedback that easily synchronizes activities throughout the supply chain. The suite is known for its user friendly interface and can be easily maintained with a limited IT staff.

Our best measure of success is the success our customers achieve; is the rapid ROI they realize with Logility Voyager Solutions

With continued growth in its product portfolio, volume and retail network footprint, Red Wing Shoe Company, a leading footwear and work wear manufacturer and retailer, found it increasingly difficult to work with suppliers and partners around the world using spreadsheets to plan their business. In just four months after launching Logility Voyager Solutions, Red Wing, along with its suppliers and retailers, began reaping benefits based on more detailed and accurate information, increased visibility, and better service. The client’s customers nearly doubled, while inventory was reduced by 27 percent. In another instance, Pinnacle Food, a manufacturer and distributor of an extensive line of household brands wanted to improve customer service levels, optimize inventory investments and effectively utilize its manufacturing resources. The client implemented Logility Voyager Solutions to reduce working capital by 10 percent over three years, which resulted in increased inventory turns. The solution achieved and sustained a customer service goal of 98.5 percent and optimized the replenishment planning process, and minimized obsolete inventory.Moving forward, Logility will continue to expand their product capabilities in the retail sector. “With our experience we bring in more transparency between consumer product companies and their retail partners to work more efficiently,” concludes Karin.


Atlanta, GA

Karin L. Bursa, VP Marketing

Provider of collaborative supply chain planning solutions that help companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time.