Creative Realities: Unleashing the Retail Shopping Experience

Rick Mills, CEO
As today’s retail industry is going digital, retailers are facing significant challenges to lower the overall cost of retail technologies and bring about a seamless shopping experience. In addition, the seemingly endless choice of brands and products makes it difficult for any one brand or product to stand out. Based in New York, Creative Realities’ CX platform offers a cloud-based software solution that enhances the shopping experience by keeping shoppers connected to the brands through technology such as smart shelves or display technology that delivers immersive story-telling.

Creative Realities begins their journey by meeting each client to gain an understanding of their business problem in their retail locations or when they are engaging with the customers. As Rick Mills, CEO of Creative Realities, says, “Each situation is different and our planning process is designed to help clients understand and validate the choices they have made to solve their unique challenges.” Creative Realities will then do strategic planning and design, build, integrate, and deploy the right solution to address the issue.

The CX platform runs on Amazon servers and is designed to be able to communicate with any device on the Internet of Things, as well as with phones, tablets, iBeacons, and POS pricing and inventory systems. Clients can choose to have a self-service model, which allows them to use the software, but manage the content and do the scheduling themselves.

In addition, Creative Realities can integrate multiple data feeds and content sources. Whether its live video, social media, or web services, such as music, news, or weather, they smartly integrate to virtually any in-store environment. The vision behind their software and technology is to enhance the shopping experience, making it more immersive, informative, and intuitive in a way that feels native to the space the customer is in.

For instance, Revlon, a Category Leader across many mass channels, was looking to command shopper attention in Pharmacy and Grocery. Their goal was to break through the clutter and make connections with important target segments, primarily millennials.

Each situation is different and our planning process is designed to help clients understand and validate the choices they have made to solve their unique challenges

Creative Realities designed and engineered a digital system that made Revlon stand out from the sea of sameness. This helped command customer attention and drive traffic to Revlon.

Creative Realities also produced product demonstration videos for Revlon that helped shoppers choose products that work together by showing them how to apply it. This content was done in such a way that it would appeal to YouTube enthusiasts, who rely on social channels for inspiration. This dynamic content was deployed across a carefully selected store locations, to amplify the brand and command attention in the aisle.

To develop and engineer their products, Creative Realities partners with the best of breed in the industry. They bring their extensive expertise to the client experience by determining how the experience journey should engage their key Shopper segments. They also work with clients to design and create that experience, customized to the client’s needs. This expertise and unique approach, combined with their dedicated approach and transparent process, helps Creative Realities stay ahead of their competitors.

Mills says, “It is interesting that we are seeing the trend of e-tailers moving to retail. This means retail is here to stay.” Trends in the industry are shifting toward improving in-store customer engagement, personalized pricing, and Augmented Reality (AR) and Creative Realities plans to be at the forefront of these trends. They are also set to acquire two to three smaller companies in both 2017 and 2018. This forward momentum has Creative Realities well-placed to lead retail into the digital future.

Creative Realities

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Rick Mills, CEO

Develops and implements end-to-end digital solutions for the retail industry

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