My Supply Chain Group (MSCG): Optimizing Supply Chain Processes & Networks

Neil Patel, Managing Partner, Omar Zuberi, Co-founder & Managing Partner
With the advent of digitization, CPG market is experiencing a significant shift as companies embrace newer ways to source, manufacture, and sell their goods. As CPG companies try to strengthen their existing business models, they need smart and cost-effective supply chain planning and execution solutions to optimize their Supply Chain Management (SCM) functions. Dedicated to aid companies create a sustainable strategic advantage with excellence throughout their supply chains ecology is “My Supply Chain Group” (MSCG). “Our end-to-end innovative offerings for supply chain strategy, process re-engineering, and solution implementation, coupled with a deep understanding of the marketplace, enables CPG enterprises to streamline their business process to enhance their competitive strategic advantage,” states Omar Zuberi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MSCG.

In this age of Big Data analytics, hyper-connectivity, IoT, and more, not every executive has the bandwidth to keep up with all the innovation. At MSCG, “We help clients translate new technologies into quicker, smarter, and leaner value realization, by facilitating the 3Vs of supply chain—reducing Variability between planning and execution, increasing Velocity of product and information flow, and increasing Visibility across business functions for market intelligence and exceptions / disruptions,” expresses Dr. Dan Bhide, Co-Founder and Partner, MSCG. This requires a realistic assessment of historical and current maturity level of the “5 Ps”: People (expertise and organization structure), Processes, Platforms (technology), Policies / Practices and Performance metrics (KPIs).

“S&OP / Integrated Business Planning and Extended Warehouse Management are in our DNA,” says Dr. Suraj Mhatre, Co-Founder and Partner, MSCG. Unlike several consulting firms, MSCG collaborates closely with clients for early identification of critical challenges in complex global supply chains and warehouse management and then focuses primarily on increasing value for its clients with continuous improvement in their business processes. Incorporating cross-industry best practices, flexibility in planning and agility in execution enables MSCG to ensure risk mitigation and optimal balanced score cards for their clients.
For supply chain execution, “MSCG focuses singularly on enabling 360 degree warehousing and distribution solutions around the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) platform,” states Neil Patel, Managing Partner, MSCG. The firm’s breadth and depth of experience in SAP EWM and S/4 HANA engagements ensures on-time and successful roll-out of client-specific solutions.

“Our rapid adoption of latest technology coupled with modeling and testing of complex realistic scenarios has made us pioneers in rolling out new solutions such as SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), S/4 HANA, and more,” asserts Naren Gangidi, Co-Founder and Partner, MSCG. In one instance, a leading American brewers with a very large share of U.S. beer sales to retailers was facing challenges in service levels due to complexity of its global supply chain network, tiered transportation, and volume constraints. MSCG team re-engineered their supply chain processes and helped replace the legacy system with a new solution while ensuring sound architecture. This led to better optimization of production and warehousing capabilities plus better distribution of products involving a mix of brands with different profit margins and volumes across the network.

S&OP / Integrated Business Planning and Warehouse Management are in our DNA; supply chain risk mitigation and value realization our forte

With the best-in-class supply chain planning and execution offerings, MSCG plans to expand its services footprint globally, without sacrificing quality and bottom-line. Continued commitment to its values and customers has ensured that MSCG lives by its motto “Supply Chain Excellence… Delivered!” Forging ahead, MSCG is also committed to deepening its strategic partnership with SAP, business partners, and customers globally.

My Supply Chain Group

Birmingham, AL

Neil Patel, Managing Partner, Omar Zuberi, Co-founder & Managing Partner and Dr. Dan Bhide, Naren Gangidi & Dr. Suraj Mhatre Co-founders & Partners

Provides supply chain strategy, process re-engineering, planning and execution solution implementation services for CPG industry

My Supply Chain Group